Rock Garden

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1 - The garden

The garden is well developed by AP Tourism with a restaurant at the entrance ...

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2 - Artificial Animal Scul...

At the center of the hilltop, there is a metal animal garden with several lar...

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3 - Miniature Grand Canyon

Orvakal is also promoted as a miniature Grand Canyon. Wind weathered rock for...

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4 - Boating

Tourists can also enjoy boating in the waters around the rock formations.

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How to get there

Orvakal Rock Garden is a huge park with natural igneous rock formations surrounded by pools of water located around  20 Kms from Kurnool city. The rock formations of Orvakal are mainly Silica and Quartz rocks, that have been carved into various shapes probably by the wind and a water body nearby with beautiful surroundings. The rocks are spread across an area of 50 acres adjacent to Kurnool - Nandyal highway. On reaching the highest point, visitors are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the water body that has wide open spaces and clear blue skies as its backdrop. 

Wind and water have chiselled these rocks into wondrous shapes, from plain bizarre to lookalikes of animals. It didn’t need much imagination to comprehend some of the formations, which come with names like Crocodile Rock and Elephant Trunk. A few bushes and wild plants break the monotony of the bleached brown colour. Weathering has also lent a pinkish tinge to the ochre-brown in some areas and led to large, black patches in others. 

How to Reach

Kurnool is the nearest major town to Ketavaram. Road connectivity is there from Kurnool. 

Best time to visit

The time from March to May as the city experiences summers is very hot and humid and preferred less by visitors. The idle time to visit Kurnool is from October to March as the weather is the most pleasant then. Some tourists also prefer visiting Kurnool during July to September just as monsoons hits and stays in the city. 


Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) offers a restaurant, boating facility and picnic areas as well as a cave museum. Haritha Cottages located inside the park provide overnight stay facilities. 

Travel tips

APSRTC runs number of buses from major cities to the location. 

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Rock Garden-Yaganti


Yaganti, in Kurnool district is famous for an old Shiva Temple belonging to 5th century which has been renovated by dynasties such as Pallavas, Cholas, and Vijayanagara empire over time. Legend has it that the Nandi statue here is growing with time and no crow flies over the temple.  

Rock Garden-Mahanadhi


Mahanandi is a small temple located in the district of Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh is a shivaite pilgrimage center which attracts thousands of visitors all around the year. This place is famous for the Mahanandishwara Temple of Lord Shiva. 

Rock Garden-Belum caves

Belum Caves

The second largest Caves in India, Belum Caves are the longest cave with Stalactite and Stalagmite formation. The long passages, spacious chambers, freshwater galleries, siphons etc are the interesting features of Belum Caves. 



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