Guntupalli Buddhist Caves

West Godavari District

Andhra Pradesh


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1 - Group of Stupas

Located on one of the terraces of hilltop and numbering more than sixty, thes...

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2 - Stone stupa

Datable to the 2nd century BC, this stupa with block stone veneering was subj...

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3 - Rock cut Temple (Vritt...

Datable to the 3rd-2nd century BC, the vritta chaitya is circular on plan and...

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4 - Large Monastery

Excavated into the sandstone cliff, the monastery contains a series of cells ...

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5 - Small Monastery

This rock cut vihara, located at a higher elevation of the hill is relatively...

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How to get there

The Guntupalle or Guntupalli Group of Buddhist Monuments is located near Kamavarapukota, West Godavari district, in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is around 40 km away from Eluru. The rock-cut part of the site has two Buddhist caves, a chaitya hall and a large group of stupas. The chaitya hall has a rare carved stone entrance replicating wooden architecture, a simpler version of that at the Lomas Rishi Cave. 

There are remains of structural buildings in brick and stone, including remains of two vihara made of brick, as well as excavated caves at two levels, including an unusual structural chaitya hall (that is, one built above ground). The core of this consists of the stone stupa with an enclosed path around it allowing ritual parikrama (circumambulation). They mostly date to 200-0 BCE, with some sculptures added later. The main building above ground is in brick, around a stone stupa, with over 30 smaller stupas on a terrace in front of it. There are ruins of two other buildings.

During excavation, three relic caskets were found. The caskets had many precious elements like gold, silver, crystal beads. The bronze image of Padmapani was found along with one of the caskets. The inscription on the casket was in the Devanagari script which indicates the year as from the 9th to 10th century CE.

How to Reach

Gollapudi Bus Station, Ibrahimpatnam Bus Station, Kondapally Bus Station are nearest Bus stands and Eluru is nearest railway station.

Best time to visit

October to June is best time, but can be visited any time to Reconnect with Nature & Timings : 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. 


Budget hotels are available in Eluru and Tadepalligudem.

Travel tips

Entrance will be closed at 4.15 PM. Boating Tickets will be closed at 4.30 P.M. Tuesday is Holiday.

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